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New Music: Signs & Symbols 'Coffee For Friends' Single

Signs & Symbols are a crunchy pack o' biccies from Australia’s capital city with a taste for the rough and ready. This close-packed quartet have dunked themselves in the coarsest of hard rock brews and together have produced the sharp single Coffee For Friends.

After meeting in high school in Canberra, they started exploring sounds, ideas & hormones together from the outset. These boys soon found themselves trapped in a maelstrom of mutual loves: energy, expression and full-throated noise. Over the years their addiction to grew stronger, each feeding one another with a new band to listen to, a new riff to jam on or a classic risqué polaroid.

As they developed their tastes, Signs & Symbols have played alongside acts such as British India, Listener, Nick Oliveri (Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss), Radio Moscow, The Dead Love and Mesa Cosa, as well as a host of incredible local bands who make great company and contribute beautifully to an ever-growing local music scene in Canberra.

Coffee for Friends is a riff heavy and rousing song, combining punchy drums, bright harmonies and cyclical lyrics. Immediately, the song takes you from listening to your colleague’s bureaucratic drivel to throwing your coffee in their face and telling them how you really feel. Originally inspired by a muddled statement of “how was your coffee with friends?”, the single resonates further beyond the lyrics and has become a band favourite as a way of breaking the ice.

It is through camaraderie and their affinity for stepping up the force with which they write and play that has lead to a consistent grade of releases with Signs & Symbols readying the launch of their next album Counting in Colours later this year.

Signs & Symbols indicate how potent their passion and how deep their commitment to reverberating refrains as Coffee For Friendsis a single that grinds on the darkest of motivations and stimulates the cathartic release of neuroses. To be consumed by only those who can handle the rush. 

For Fans Of: Foo Fighters | Biffy Clyro | Weezer

‘Coffee For Friends’ will be in digital stores from the 1st of February.

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