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New Music: SMLXL 'Kristy G' Single

SMLXL is Jarrod Murphy, Jason de Wilde and Andy Tolhurst. The band originally formed some 20 years ago, disbanded and pursued other music ventures, and are now back with Size, an epic album chock full of layered power-pop tracks and hooks galore.

SMLXLs latest single Kristy G showcases the stomping pop that is all over the Size LP. Kristy G pounds with a classic power pop intensity and is layered with guitar hooks and the story of ‘love and must have’ at first sight. It’s a song that is destined to be a classic and a go to for lovers of early 80s influenced angular sounds of XTC and Elvis Costello.

As Jason and Andy are based in Sydney (NSW) and Jarrod is in the Sunshine Coast (QLD), Size has been crafted by passing the tracks back and forth between them, layer upon layer, tracking in multiple locations. The result is a sonic hook laden feast for the discerning guitar pop fan.

The three lads formed the Sydney indie pop band Pelican Jed in the 1990s, to much acclaim and lots of touring. Jarrod and Jason then formed the original incarnation of SMLXL. Jarrod was busy through the 2000s fronting the harmony driven indie band Major, releasing two LPs and lots of touring. Then in mid 2000s Jarrod joined the seminal Sydney indie champs The Cops and contributed to the acclaimed album Drop It In Their Laps with tracks Call Me Anytime and The Message appearing in the 2006/7 Triple J Hottest 100s.

SMLXLs 2016 EP release The Links EP was described by Divide and Conquer Music as ‘…immersive, dramatic, ironic and comfortably eclectic…’

SMLXL are intent on delivering many albums to come over the next few years to satisfy their own fanatical love of layered, orchestrated and angular guitar pop tastes. Jason is a recording studio wiz with many years of experience, Andy is a brilliant and exciting unique guitarist with an approach to avoid guitar clichés, and Jarrod is a formidable and prolific songwriter with a gift for melody and a vocal delivery that is on point and energised.

SMLXL can’t wait for this new album to be devoured by guitar pop fans.

For Fans Of: Split Enz | Blur | Crowded House

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