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New Music: The Urban Sea 'Underground Love' Single & Video

Evolution through adaptation relies on both chance and the creative spirit, Brisbane’s The Urban Sea have transformed over time with their creative core driving their growth into a powerful Soul Rock act. Their striking  single Underground Love establishes the six piece at their most formidable form yet.

The bands initial inception occurred in 2014 when lead guitarist Shanan Kilner and drummer Casper Hall’s former band The Fireburned out. Seizing on the opportunity for renewal, Fugue was born from the ashes. Securing further members via tinder for musicians. Fugue practiced their craft playing covers and original shows with residencies at venues across Brisbane and recorded and released their EP Your Enemy which was picked up and played by multiple radio stations across the country, and garnered significant streams and downloads across several platforms. As their shows increased in size and regularity, so did the desire to fill out their sound. With the addition of new members and a change in the feel of the band, Fugue decided to rebrand themselves as The Urban Sea – a name that represents the bands lyrical narratives that are often concentrated around the expansive ebb and flow of city life.

Knowing intimately the complexities of modern connection, The Urban Sea’s rousing first single Underground Love is a generational shout-out to a world where limitless options exist at the swipe of a thumb.

Recognising that Undergound Love is a standout favourite at live shows, The Urban Sea know that their evolution is in harmony with their contemporaries and are already in the preproduction phase for a new EP, hitting the studio to capture more of their bold and dynamic soul rock, preparing themselves for an absolutely massive 2019.

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For Fans Of: Jack White | Arctic Monkeys | Benjamin Booker

‘Underground Love’ will be in Digital Stores on the 8th of March.

Single Launch: Saturday, 16th March The Flamin' Galah - Brisbane

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