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New Music: Tobi Tobi 'Ice & Rum' Single

There is something so effortlessly romantic about this Melbourne duo’s new single that it feels almost like you’re wandering through a daydream as you hear it. Tobi Tobi’s Ice & Rum is a testament to their experience in creating the purest of moments. 

Ice & Rum is as delicate as it is intoxicating, a graceful portrayal of love’s ability to transfix and transport you. Upon a flickering piano and Renee Anderson’slight and melodious vocal you’re given a deep sense of how truly sensuous and in-tune their craft has become.

“I also love silence and staring out the window at the world flying away from me, and into the stars with all their infinite possibilities. I love warm rain and soft sheets under my fingertips!” Renee Anderson / Vocals, Guitar

It shouldn’t be a surprise to discover that Tobi Tobi have been playing some rather magical weddings all around the world, including that of The Bachelor’s Tim Robard and Anna Heinrich in Masseria Potenti, a classic Italian villa in Puglia. Ice & Rum attests to this depth of experience in expressing sentiment both boldly and with nuance. 

Ice & Rum is the very first single from this blissful duo, however, the pair are no strangers to the original scene. Renee was signed to Universal at a young age, but left the label to make music with Jamie Barlow (Double bassist / lover). They created a band called Private Life or PL, who supported big names like Garbage, Sticky Fingers and Owl Eyes and had numerous plays on national broadcaster Triple J. 

Together Renee Anderson and Jamie Barlow as Tobi Tobi are the perfect balance of sound and creativity. They share a passion for travel and playing music, which brings them to weddings and nurtures in them the ability to draw upon love’s euphoria with a refreshed indie spirit. Jamie and Renee continue to create original music together, with their first single Ice & Rum an ideal introduction. 

Tobi Tobi plan to play some intimate shows around Melbourne in support of their new single with more music coming soon!

‘Ice & Rum’ by Tobi Tobi is out now.

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