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New Music: Wizard Rose 'Forbidden Thing' Single

It takes youthful exuberance and unbridled passion to brashly re-animate the headier advances of Rock music and the young guns of Wizard Rose have tapped into the great melting pot of Rock’s deep history to procure an album of great vitality. 

Hailing from Brisbane, Queensland, Wizard Rose are a musical force unto themselves that bely their obvious youth to produce a sound that harks back to - without emulating - the era that gave birth to such bands as Led Zeppelin, Velvet Underground and Rush. Formed in 2018 by their guitarist, James Elves, the group consist of Guitarist - James Elves, Lead Vocalist - Lucas Blackburn, Bassist - Zaac Thompson & Drummer - Isaac Varcoe. Wizard Rose began in a self built rehearsal room in North Brisbane on the 12th of July 2018. After James Elves enlisted Lucas Blackburn, Isaac Varcoe & Zaac Thompson, the ragged crew begun extensive rehearsal over an 8 month period to write, craft and perfect their music. 

It’s been but one journey of many & to create all that we have, to do it with souls that I’m grateful to call Brothers is a blessing indeed. This album is many feelings & inner emotions expressed & directed through the instruments & music created. - James Elves, Wizard Rose Guitarist 

Their sound is as much their own as it is a musical homage to the greats of Rock lore, with a daring and impulse that transgresses Rock’s evolution. To the truly gifted, music is in their blood and the four young men that form Wizard Rose breath their art. Lead single Forbidden Thing leaves their unchecked collective energies all on the track that entails high energy, up beat progressions and dominant driving forces. Forbidden Thing has become a fan favourite and is their most popular song. 

As surprising as it is inescapable, Wizard Rose’s self-titled album exposes a resounding love for the flexibility and complexity of being a die-hard rocker, in love with the carnal, driven and hungry but also lost in the mystical, gentle and reflective. Wizard Rose is true to canon and themselves. 

Wizard Rose play The Flying Cock, Brisbane May 17th, 2019 

For Fans Of: Black Sabbath | Rainbow | Rush

Forbidden Thing is available in stores now. 

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