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New Music: Zsuzsika Lencses 'Storm' Single

Zsuzsika is an Australian born singer/songwriter with a family background of Hungarian/Polish descent. She grew up in Australia, however in her earlier years lived on her grandmother’s farm in Hungary with her family. Zsuzsika’s latest pop/RnB track Storm follows on from her debut EP called  Start Again released in 2018.

Storm was written by Zsuzsika alongside producer Michel Kroll. The track represents standing up for yourself, self-belief and speaking up about mental illness and any personal problems you may be suffering. Mental illness has such a negative stigma attached to it and with this Zsuzsika wants to help take the stigma away and turn it into a positive outlook for people who may be struggling.

“This is my personal experience of being an anxiety sufferer. I wanted to speak out about my anxiety and use that as a tool to help others come out on the other side. Finding a solution together, connecting with others who suffer and helping each other overcome the hurdles that  a mental illness can bring. A problem shared takes away a lot of weight on one’s shoulder. Ultimately what I am trying to say is speak up, have a voice and believe in yourself, you are worth it, and you have a right to be heard. We are all important and unique and have our own unique experiences, hurdles, and stories to tell. If I can save one’s life with my music, that is my mission accomplished.” - Zsuzsika

Zsuzsika’s style is a combination of pop and soul music. She writes about life experiences and what she went through growing up with anxiety and a difficult life. 

After her father passed away, she made the decision to start pursuing music as a career, rather then a hobby and to come out as a solo artist that she had so long dreamed of. Her songs are written of her life experiences and her mission is to help people with mental illnesses, trauma and abuse through her songs. Music was her saving grace over the years and she wants to be able to do the same by reaching out to people. 

Zsuzsika didn’t learn to speak English til she was 6 or 7 years old as she was only ever spoken to in Hungarian. Her love for music started when she was a toddler, with a family history of musicians. Taking after the footsteps of her father in particular, she has been singing since she was a toddler and song writing since she was 13. Zsuzsika had been in a few bands and was a background singer prior to becoming a solo artist.

For Fans Of: Adele | Alicia Keys | Mariah Carey

‘Storm’ is out now in digital stores.

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