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New release: Alexander Pielsticker - I Can't Do It (Again) (single)

Alexander does it all with invigorating EDM!

Hailing from Germany and currently living in The Netherlands, 22 year old Alexander Pielsticker is studying both Composition For Film & Theater and Piano (Jazz & Pop) at the ArtEZ Arnhem University of the Arts. Playing the piano by heart from the age of five and composing music since the age of 16, Alexander is now working as a music producer, composer and pianist. Specializing in EDM, he already gained a reputation thusfar with 500,000 Spotify streams under his belt.

Alexander Pielsticker about new single and TCBYML debut I Can't Do It (Again):

"After a performance I was still so musically captivated and enthusiastic that I sat down at the piano at night to improvise over the last notes and my music. I couldn't stop thinking about music yet. I got stuck on a theme and discovered the musical idea and wanted to turn it into an EDM version immediately. All music lovers should be part of this idea and empathize, because music always gives a collective feeling that you want to share. It wasn't until the song was composed that I realized it was morning again already."

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