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New release: Bilbosa - Gingko

"Gingko" is the leading track from Bilbosa debut album "Diamond Dust", just released on Sept. 25th by Seahorse Recordings. The track is a mesmeric, minimalist post-rock instrumental, with jazzy sax and guitar arpeggios. A stunning debut for a very young band, born and grown up in Genova, a city that already gave birth to cult post-rock acts as Port-Royal, Japanese Gum, CRTVTR.

The album was recorded at Green Fog Studio by Tristan Martinelli.

"Ginkgo biloba, commonly known as ginkgo, is the only living species in the division Ginkgophyta, all others are extinct. It is a very old species, with some fossils dating back 270 million years. That’s why these kind of plants has already lived and will live different geological eras that we, the human kind, can only imagine.

We delude ourselves that we possess and control the planet and with it the nature that has populated it for centuries, but we are wrong. We do not realize that the history and experience of plants transcends man and his beliefs. We take refuge in concrete cages that are destined to crumble to the evidence that there is something more important than us." The video, directed by Stefano Pulcini, is a kind of short movie, in which scandinavian design and mod life cons suddenly clashes with a psychedelic experience of Nature, through the symbolic an powerful presence of the Ginkgo.

“Diamond Dust” is the debut album for Bilbosa, released by Seahourse recording.

Bilbosa started in Genoa in 2016, after their previous project “Chaos Del Signor Gaza” disbanded. The four remaining musicians spent much of their energies collaborating, jamming, and trying to find out what musical route to seek.

Finally, they decided to lock themselves in the recording studio in 2018, a choice that fostered the recording of their first official album, produced at Green Fog by Tristan Martinelli.

“Diamond Dust” is an album that is meant to summon a large range of emotions, from absolute happiness and joy to moments of sorrow, and despair.

Universal emotions that everyone experiences at multiple junctures of their lives.  

This album is instrumental in its entirety; therefore, there are nor lyrics neither words that suggest to the listener how to openly feel or what to contemplate. 

The auditor has full control and complete authority to be guided by his own instinct, emotions and images that form in his head listening to the musical pieces.

The experience is distilled from the tallest cold Chilean mountains, to the hottest sandy beaches in Borneo, through a sulfuric volcano of the Pacific rim, flying above the waters in Africa with a flock of flamingos, and watching the icebergs alongside the polar bears.

A declaration of love to Mother Earth in her virginity and variety. This music was conceived with the intention to lead the listener through a travel around the globe, to amazing places we would love to explore, even when life forcefully tie us to our sofas.


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