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New release: Charmless i - Long Time Coming (single)

Charmless i comes to grips Time for a new chapter in the story of Charmless i. The band recently recorded their third 5-track EP called ‘Make me Wanna’. One might notice that debut EP ‘First Coming’ had an electro feel with organic instruments added. Successor ‘Next Level’ sort of reversed that approach, expressing more of an organic band signature, with electronics added. Now both worlds meet in a glorious way. Charmless i have found an irresistible blend of everything you like about guitars as well as synths and electronic drums from the Roland TR-808, alongside their fantastically pumping organic rhythm section. On ‘Make me Wanna’ front man Alex proves to become more and more of a vocal blend of all the singers you enjoyed in '90s British guitar bands. Make no mistake though: this band is firmly rooted in modern day productional sounds. Currently, there are many worries in this world, both large and small. On micro as well as macro level. This entire spectrum is lyrically covered by this kaleidoscopic EP.

New single Long Time Coming zooms out lyrically once again. It questions whether we as ordinary people still have any kind of grip on the geo-political developments around us. Are we for instance fully aware of the implications of the current rise of populism? Or the dangers of the big increase of nationalism in several western countries? Sometimes these developments happen too fast for us to properly process mentally. We might turn out to regret prior points of view about these matters eventually. Love will keep us on track in the end, is the core message this song proclaims. The lead guitar lick could very well be taken from the intro tune of an '80s TV show - but isn’t. The slightly muted low tune guitar strings in the verse might make you wanna watch some old episodes of ‘Knight Rider’. And you will definitely enjoy the side chain compression on the sub synth as you - unconsciously - do in nowadays electronic dance music. Please Google this productional trick in case you’re puzzled. Previous singles have been well received worldwide and reviews dropped in from Sweden to the USA and from Australia via Indonesia back to Germany. The band could also be seen live and played gigs in clubs, at festivals and live on radio. Speaking of radio, the band could be heard on radio stations in the UK, Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, USA and Switzerland. Long Time Coming is out now on BERT music (a division of TCBYML)

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