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New release: Josh Leys - Army Of Love (single)

From New Zealand with love

Josh Leys is a talented musician, a singer, beat boxer, song writer and music producer with an infectious looping “one man band” style live show. From 10 years of hard work and dedication Josh has successfully become one of the most booked artists in New Zealand and abroad.

With his knack for writing a great hook and catchy chorus Josh’s sound has moved in a fresh direction, taking inspiration from the dance and future music scene. This infectious style has seen him enjoy commercial success and has earned him a loyal following and fans who have been eagerly watching for his next move. As of recently, Josh has been working on some brand new songs, of which Army Of Love is the first single to be released.

Josh says “I love to get away from the city, to my best friends farm. No cell phone reception, just me, my laptop, my guitar, mic and all my pedals in a caravan. Get off the grid man. This is truly the best space for me to create”.

"I wrote Army Of Love to motivate people to love. That's what life is all about. Family, friends. Love. All I had been seeing was negative things in the media. Segregation. Blaming people you don't understand. Hate. We need to turn this around quick or we could repeat the history that we don't want to. This song is to uplift anyone. Find the kindness.

I am asking people to STAND UP for love and to join together and walk the talk of love compassion empathy and peace."

To bring this anthem-like peace song to its full potential Josh didn’t hesitate to call upon and work along side Amsterdam based producers collective VCR - Voice Calling Radio (Sweetwood, Rembrandtpark, Not.Your.Regular.Boy.), using the power of technology and the internet. This song was able to be worked on from two seperate sides of the world! Even calling on guitarist Keven Hunter (Shania Twain and Janet Jackson) and Louk Cox (Soul Food Horns) on saxophone to be a part of it. The producing team took Josh’s vision to a whole new level, really capturing the powerful message of the songs lyrics with their accompanying music.

Army Of Love is released this week and available for purchase/streaming on all known digital platforms

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