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New Release: Karoshi "Cosmic Latte" - (Experimental Indie, Seahorse Recordings)

Karoshi, experimental post-rock quartet from Vicenza, release new single and album on September 13th on Seahorse Recordings.

"I'm Awake" is the first single and video taken from Karoshi new album "Cosmic Latte", to be released on September 13th, 2019 on Seahorse Recordings.

This dystopic video shows the band from Vicenza (IT) at its best. A bare apocalyptic scenario and experimental indie electronics reminiscent of Radiohead's Kid A. A world of damp darkness broken by flashing neon lights.

Karoshi is a project born in Vicenza, north-east of Italy, in 2014. In the beginnings they were an instrumental trio, that released the Maizena EP. With a fourth member joining the line up, the four tracks of Antera EP saw them drifiting to space rock realms, with vocals and synths adding tightness to the sounds.

Cosmic Latte is Karoshi first full-lenght, recorded and produced by Filippo Mocellin. The album is hard to pigeonhole: different instruments, as electric piano, trumpet, drum pad and synths, infuse the tracks with different shades and moods. The overall atmosphere is dark but serene, incorporating progressive indie rock songwriting, dark electronics, post-rock minimalism and jazz rhythmics.

Cosmic Latte is for sure never boring and often surprisingly arranged, revealing Karoshi as perfect masters of sounds and songwritings, able to draw fully from different genres to enrich their expressive palette.

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