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New release: P.S. November - 8/14 (single)

P.S. November's tryst

P.S. November is a singer-songwriter and college student majoring in Japanese from Provo, Utah, USA, pioneering in the Nu R&B / Alternative R&B genre. He has been playing piano, making music, and singing ever since he was a little kid. Most of his songs are inspired by his experiences with relationships and heartache; others communicate messages of depression and nostalgia.

Seemingly effortlessly he produces beautiful new songs at an uncanny pace, and his debut album will be released this summer.

P.S. November about his new single:

8/14 tells the story of a briefly rekindled relationship that quickly fails again. The tryst of 8/14 is remembered as the months go by, but especially on the 14th of every month. As each month passes, the focus of the recollection of 8/14 changes a little bit; in the end it shows that both lovers were just lonely and wanted to feel what they once felt before (even though they both knew deep down it would not, could not work out)."

For fans of: The Weeknd, Jeremih, Pleasure P, Miguel

8/14 is released on 17 May 2019

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