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New release: P.S. November - Charades (single)

First new single after recently released debut album

Although his life is somewhat shrouded in mystery, P.S. November is a musician pioneering in the Nu R&B / Alternative R&B genre, and a college student majoring in Japanese from Provo, Utah, USA. He has been playing piano, making music, and singing ever since he was a little kid.

Most of his songs are inspired by his experiences with relationships and heartache; others communicate messages of depression and nostalgia. With an indie work ethic and a singular voice combined with layers of catchy pop sensibilites or sometimes just a piano, he creates a memorable brand of music. P.S. November can move you to the heights and depths of a feeling, performing a balancing act of beauty and bravery on a tightrope suspended between hope and despair.

P.S. November about Charades, the first single of his second album to be released later this year:

"Charades was inspired by one of my favorite films, “Charade”, which stars Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. The musical tone and melody of the song came to me while watching the film for the first time. A past relationship I had been in inspired the sentiment and lyrics of the song; it is about coming to terms with saying goodbye."

His previous singles (included on his much acclaimed debut album "Empty Morning") got airplay in the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Namibia, and landed on a multitude of big Spotify playlists: Chill Mode On, Laid Back Hits, New Music Friday in several countries and more.

For fans of: The Weeknd, Jeremih, Pleasure P, Miguel, Years & Years

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