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New release: P.S. November - Run Away! (single)

Captivating P.S. November

P.S. November is a musician pioneering in the Nu R&B / Alternative R&B genre, and a college student majoring in Japanese from Provo, Utah, USA.

He has been playing piano, making music, and singing ever since he was a little kid. Most of his songs are inspired by his experiences with relationships and heartache; others communicate messages of depression and nostalgia.

Seemingly effortlessly he produces beautiful new songs at an uncanny pace, and his debut album will be released in a month!

His first three singles got airplay in the US, UK, Germany, Netherlands and Namibia, and landed on a multitude of big Spotify playlists: Chill Mode On, Laid Back Hits, Dutch and Belgian New Music Friday a.o.

P.S. November about his new single:

"Run Away! is about a femme fatale. She is attractive and charming, but will certainly bring disaster upon the men who become involved with her. She is a friend only when she wants something."

For fans of: The Weeknd, Jeremih, Pleasure P, Miguel, Years & Years

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