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New Release - Paul Morricone 'Estranged'

Paul Morricone has been singing forever and has decided to channel his musical energy into a debut record that is deeply cinematic and full of dark soul. Taking the stage, Paul sings with a smooth baritone voice into a pencil-thin sixties television microphone accompanied by a soundtrack of soulful orchestration, dance and rock. The aim - to sing his heart out.

‘Estranged’ sounds like it could be the title soundtrack to a gritty urban TV crime drama series, mixing Outside-era Bowie tech with a soaring Scott Walker-infused vocal workout, an orchestral sweep of intensity finished off with a rare slice of baritone sax. If this was a world where things were allowed to run their correct course, then filming would already be underway of the nail-biting season finale.

Paul writes and performs many of the instruments along with his new band Con Medicine who add a tight rhythm section to everything. Further orchestral arrangements are created by accomplice Spike Scott to create a sophisticated but rough-edged sound.

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