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New release: Phonettes - Wide Awake (single)

The visions of Phonettes

Phonettes is the project around the songs of Amsterdam based singer-songwriter and film composer Daan Hofman. About two years ago he started writing material from scratch with only an analog synthesizer, two guitars and a computer. He sings, plays all instruments, and wrote and produced all the tracks of the upcoming EP Algorithm Love.

The songs of Phonettes are shaped by minimalistic beats with dreamy vocal choirs, pickin’ guitars and warm analog synth sounds, even flirting with laid back techno, but preserving the song as its beating heart.

Wide Awake is the debut single of Phonettes, and a mix of an acoustic song with electronics. Analog synth sounds are circling around the whisper of an acoustic guitar in this brittle song about the clear visions that a sleepless night can bring, If the Stranger Things soundtrack was composed by Sufjan Stevens and featured a unique warm voiced singer with whiffs of David Sylvian, this is what it would sound like. A tasty appetizer for what is to come.

Wide Awake is released this week on BERT music (a division of TCBYML) and available for purchase/streaming on all known digital platforms

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