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New release: Plastic Dolls - The Runner (single)

Plastic Dolls have balls

Plastic Dolls is a brand new band which had a life before.

Reincarnation of legendary Amsterdam based rock duo, "the predecessors of White Stripes". Released four albums in the 80s before splitting up and concentrating on film music. The Runner is the first of six songs to be released on the EP 'Off The Bench'. Songs about Blues, Baseball and other Bitches.

When you're trying to catch the loss of a friend, like a hard hit baseball coming right at you, the language of the game helps you find words. The Runner is set in a big old ballpark. A man has watched the runner scoring his final run. He stays on his seat while the stands empty and the lights go out. Now it's just him and a woman.

The Runner has been recorded by Hank Jonkers at his Vondelpark Studio Amsterdam and produced by Hank and Plastic Dolls. Mastering by Thijs de Melker at TeeJay Studio. Artwork Goof Vermeulen. Vocals, guitar, bass and drums by Hans Ter Burg. Guitar by Ben Hendriks. Music and lyrics by Hans Ter Burg.

Plastic Dolls is Ben Hendriks and Hans Ter Burg. Full live line-up in progress!

The Runner is released this week and available for purchase/streaming on all known digital platforms

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