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New release: Sweetwood - Supernova (single)

Funky new Sweetwood single!

Listen now to this fantastic new Sweetwood single. While retaining the very Sweetwood vibe, Supernova is different than previous singles, with a funky rhythm and slick guitar licks. Guaranteed to get those hips swinging!

Previous Sweetwood singles:

• have had airplay on national radio in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, on the major university radio stations in Germany and on the bigger radio stations in Mexico

• were featured on many official streaming lists such as Apple Music's Best Of The Week and Spotify's New Music Friday

• reached the top of the Viral Charts in Spotify as well as #1 in the iTunes Dance Chart

• received critical acclaim from the UK, USA, Australia, Germany and France

Sweetwood wishes to put a smile on the face of true music lovers. People who are not restricted by style, era or image, but are just triggered by music that makes one feel good.... Now that's very Sweetwood!

For fans of: Franc Moody, CAPYAC, Parcels, Kazy Lambist, Crazy P

Supernova is released on BERT music (a division of TCBYML)

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