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New release: US Indie Pop band Chateau Chateau - Evidence (Album)

Hop and sing along with Chateau Chateau

Chateau Chateau was birthed from the desert flora and jagged hills of Tucson, Arizona in the beginning of 2018. The formation of the seven band members began in the cold, dark caverns of an aerospace hanger with nothing but an audience of semi-casual and passerby drunkards making their way to the next door brewhouse. In the following months of springtime the band began forming their sound. What was once a loose, rocky, garage-pop four-piece would eventually become a blooming, bouncy, glittery troupe of seven with an equally tightened and raw sound.

Evidence is the debut EP of this colorful bunch called Chateau Chateau - "the band who can get a crowd cheerfully hopping and singing along to a mental collapse."

The EP includes their previous singles Evidence, Driving In Circles and Burn Me Alive, that were featured on a bunch of Spotify Playlists and iTunes Charts, got airplay in the US, Canada, Germany a.o. and brought the band critically acclaimed international press.

The track Times Are Changin' is the featured album focus single of the EP. It's a head bobbing pop-anthem with the Chateau Chateau distinctive cynical undertone.

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