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NEW Single and Video: CIJAN - "Homecoming" (Post-Rock, Shoegaze)

Pure and abstract chaos, which slowly descends onto the ones who do not move from the standards. Only when one walks away from predictable patterns really becomes alive. This is the Return to the primal, exploding chaos of Nature.

Based in Turin (IT), CIJAN are quickly gaining a devoted following in the post/math rock and shoegaze scene. They performed at local events for the cult "In a State of Flux Festival". Their first album, REA-0919, was released late 2019.

It was recorded and mixed by Federico Pianciola at Mandala Studio.

Better in their own words......

"We like low frequencies. We do not like to make verses and refrains. We are transmuted by all things that surround us, as Master Yoda. Our holy scriptures are Mogwai, 65daysofstatic, M83, American Football, a third Q and the symbol for Batman. At the end of the day, we still are four romantic sad dudes from the southern suburbs of Turin."

We essentially agree on the seventh season of The Simpsons to be the best one. Never have we ever felt fear or shame. Y'all can pronounce CIJAN however you want.

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