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NEW Single and Video: Michael Lukes - "Stars"

July 03rd wass the official release date for Michael Lukes new video for the song "Stars" on You Tube / Vevo. The video was born as an art concept, a series of moving portraits showcasing the variety - and the unity - of the human race. It was directed by Angelice B. Ganti with the collaboration of Silvia Casanova and Simone Colombo. 18 interpreters from different countries, 2 cities to record the video. In these numbers, 'Stars' also illustrates the importance and beauty of the contamination between people, ideas and cultures.

As the artist himself points out: "In Stars I wanted to represent just this concept: the equality of people. Each one of us, then, when we understand that we belong to it, can be what we want and, above all, can be happy". "Stars" is a classic indie ballad that 'explodes' in the chorus, in which Michael Lukes almost seems to want to shout his belief in the stars to the world.

"I also thought about the period we went through in these difficult and surreal months linked to the pandemic. What did we understand? Besides making us reflect on the important aspects of life, this event cancelled out, if ever there were any, the differences between people. We all found ourselves on the same level and the video wants to go in this direction: we are the same, we have always been, we will continue to be".

Michael Lukes is a singer / songwriter born in England who lives between London and Rome. Exposed at an early age to various sounds mainly from the UK scene, he began to cultivate his interest in music, performing in several bands.

In 2014 Michael Lukes collaborated with Neroloz, recording a cover of the hit song Titanium, by the well-known disc jockey David Guetta.

After many years of performing in cover bands, he embarked on a solo career in 2017, releasing a revisited version of ‘The Sound of Silence’ with which he won 2 awards for Original Interpretation and Arrangement. In 2018 he performed live in several music festivals, recorded a version of Tom Walker’s ‘Leave a Light on’ and began composing his own original songs.

On May 24th, 2019 he released his debut EP titled “I AM’, inspired by his multi-cultural background and experiences, with 4 original songs and 1 bonus track. “I AM” got good exposure and even some airplays from BBC6 and BBC Introducing plus Radio RAI in Italy. After the release of the EP he started a UK tour called “I AM TOUR” with over 15 dates mainly in London. Due to Covid 19 the tour was suspended, but will resume with new dates hopefully at the end of summer ’20. Right now Michael is working on new songs, and his songwriting style is developing into a more minimal and bare indie folk, inspired by bands like The Lumineers and classic British Ballads.



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