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New single by The Great Dictators and American cult icon

‘By The Throat’ is the new single by Danish indie rockers The Great Dictators - with a guest appearance by none other than the living legend / cult icon and frontman in American Xiu Xiu, Jamie Stewart.

The Great Dictators has this to say on the collaboration: “Miraculously we came in touch with our huge idol, Jamie Stewart. He asked if he could add some synths and background noise to ‘By The Throat’. We told him to go nuts. Btw we’re still insanely starstruck.”

‘By The Throat’ is a short, intense and unusual lovesong. A heavy electronic big drum plows through gentle violins. Guitar, bass, synths and an old piano underlines the atmospheric melancholy while lead singer Dragut Lugalzagosi croons: “My love, I’m painfully yours”.

The lyrics revolves around a tough love and depicts a period in lead singer Dragut’s life that contained several family tragedies and deaths. Making ‘By The Throat’ helped him to cope with a following depression and it’s his most personal song to date.

The Great Dictators is currently in the studio and they’ll release an EP later in 2019 via Celebration Records.

Xiu Xiu is currently on tour and might soon visit a city near you.

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