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New single by The Greyhound Factory, "Genie and the Gun"

The new single by The Greyhound Factory, "Genie and the Gun", is a double shot of fuzzy guitar-driven glam & garage rock - a blend with which the band were previously described by Indie Central Music as, "like if Bruce Springsteen drank Earl Grey".

The Greyhound Factory certainly give off a few bold notes of Americana, but hailing from Cambridge UK, they're definitely more Custard Cream than Oreo Cookie what with accompanying lyrics like, "how the hell can I stay so bloody high, shaking in my boots, belly butterflies, running down the road with my pants between my thighs".

Working with renowned producer, Piers Mortimer (Deep Purple, Jamiroquai) to conjure a more 2020 sounding T-Rextasy, the track embodies the groups' playful, mischievous side offering a natural caffeine hit to a fuzzy early morning.

Those juvenile tendencies come into their own not only with the lyrics but also the melody - The chorus in particular features about 3 octaves, with frontman, Ryan, noting in an interview with True Style Music, “I can go budgie-smuggler high, but we were going into BeeGee territory”.

This is the follow up to the bands’ earlier 2020 release, “Outside the Frame”, and the second in a series of five releases in 2020.

The Greyhound Factory will be playing a headline show on Saturday 6th June at the famous Blue Moon venue in Cambridge.


The Greyhound Factory are a 4-piece English-Americana garage rock band from Cambridge/Hertford UK. Their sound is reminiscent of 90’s Americana and powerpop bands but have their roots firmly placed in everyday pessimistic Englishness. Their musical inspirations come from the likes of David Bowie, Sunflower Bean, The Lemon Twigs, Elvis Costello, Edwin Starr and of course, Abba.


"Really great blend of Americana-indie-rock. I'm a big, big fan."

- BBC Introducing

"Powerful, anthemic sound."

- Yack Magazine

"The 90's elements shine like beacons."

- Comeherefloyd

"An infectious bout of dream-infused indie-rock."

Clunk Magazine

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