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Updated: May 5, 2020

Birmingham, UK born 24-year old SC. Undercover started creating music as a way of escapism from what at one point seemed to be a permanent road to severe depression and addiction.

His latest track Darkness Before Light is about finding closure from his past, where he was struggling with depression, addiction and past relationship"

The song also creates hope where he is seeking love and light in a new world which is beautifully produced with several live instruments to great an atmospheric stadium sounding song.

“The flow of his voice is striking, like silk, without sonic wrinkles or pauses. His voice is a dazzling instrument of expression. The lyrics, introspective and brooding, mirror the inner pain of trying to find escape through fraudulent ecstasy”.- Rhythm Junkie

Currently gearing up for the release of his latest single ‘Darkness Before Light’. SC Undercover blends influences of indie, dark pop and R & B offering something distinctly unique and relatable in today’s industry.

After a string of performances in 2019, across Atlanta and at home in the uK, SC Undercover has also received support from various press publications.

“His accent is gorgeous and when he switches over into falsetto..I mean damn his voice is solid. If this is the quality of music he's going to be creating, I'm damn sure about it. He's creating something that will last and I think he's got an incredible career ahead of him”- Pop Rinse Repeat

Live shows

The Cuban Embassy, Birmingham. 23/08/2020

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