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“Every Time” is the perfect step up from the more spacious songs Rich Jacques has previously given us but it loses none of his core qualities. If so far the music has veered towards very restrained, gentle and drifting, It raises the sonic game somewhat. Still oozing the lovingly intimate lyrics and the deft construction that you have now come to expect from him, here he pushes on into a soulful, retro pop sound.

“ E V E R Y T I M E ” A D D S D E F I N I T E G R O O V E , W R A P P I N G T H E S O N G I N C L E V E R M U S I C A L T E X T U R E S V I A D E L I C A T E L Y P U L S I N G B A S E L I N E S A N D L I Q U I D G U I T A R R I F F S . T H E S O N G R A D I A T E S J A U N T Y B E A T S A N D W A R M S U N S H I N E V I B E S .

There may be more going on musically this time but it still drips with affection, is constructed from only the building blocks which perfectly serve the song and which, for all its extra musical layers, is graceful and gossamer light, sleek and wonderfully sentimental. Don’t think of this being Rich Jacques with more studio toys to play with, think of this as Jacques just being more…well, more Jacques.

Rich Jacques, who very briefly went under the name JACQ for the first 3 singles, realized quickly it was getting too complicated with too many artists that were using that same name. But, seems appropriate using his real name as this is the most personal music he has done yet.

Rich has built a career for himself as an artist and Grammy winning producer working in almost every musical genre imaginable and has worn every virtual hat, worked in every role from the ground up along the way. But when he felt that it was time to explore his own sound, the route he took was perhaps unexpected.

For someone who knows about as much as anyone about working in a studio and making a record, instead of embracing all of the technology, the gadgets and the clever tricks that he had familiarized himself with over the years, he chose very few musical colors from the sonic palette with which to paint his own songs.

“Leave a Light” marked his first steps into this minimalist world and was a collection of intimate vocals and graceful piano lines but it was “Oblivion,” another piece of dream-like, understated pop that marked the start of a planned series of monthly releases. “Every Time” is the third installment in that musical plan preceded by “Starlight” -- the subtle, intriguing cover of a rock hit song by Muse.

Discovered via Musosoup