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New single: Flour Flour 'Three Eyes' (explicit)

Berkeley-based Flour Flour is the alt-pop project of Brian Baughn. Originally from Idaho, Brian was inspired to quit a tech job in San Francisco to pursue writing about the themes of teenage reinvention and discovery that had begun appearing in his songs– and in doing so hoped to claim some of the same freedom teenagers must claim for themselves from their parents. The result was Flour Flour’s debut EP Dimension A, a playful look back at the comforts and limitations of home. Influences include Joni Mitchell, Aphex Twin, and Ariel Pink.

A concert by prog-metal band Tool (attended while under the influence) was the impetus for the song “Three Eyes” as it reminded Flour Flour singer and guitarist Brian Baughn of the power music grants to the powerless, particularly adolescents. With tongue firmly in cheek, the song tells the tale of a fictional band Three Eyes and the role they play in the transformation of a young nerd who perhaps bears some resemblance to Brian himself as a teen. While the lyrics of the track touch on the subject band’s commercialism and drug use, the upbeat melodies serve as a reminder that what transpires when a kid idolizes a band is all sweetness, and ultimately essential to growing up.

“Flour Flour make some of the most endearing alt-pop music we’ve come across in some time. It’s idiosyncratic and almost impossible to rip your attention away from.” [Happy Mag]

“High School Video Game” is an outstanding song, rife with an elegant sinuous melody and contagious rhythm, along with cashmere-like vocals and harmonies.” [HuffPost]

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