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New single from the Danish electro-pop artist Nille Nyc

We were there. On the dance floor, in the bar. Sometimes, it ended up in chaos, fights, wasted drinks, worn out hoses. Often in waves of euphoria and intensity. But we were there. Together.

The Danish electro-pop artist Nille Nyc releases her next single, which is a dreamy salute to the raw club life in the suburbs. With its 90s vibes, its floating chorus and climbing synth elements, ‘Dance Floor Memo’ invites us into a memorable time warp of hopes and dreams, playfulness and vulnerability.

Nille Nyc says: “ Dance Floor Memo is for me a story about my experiences at the club in the suburbs during the 90s. Without revealing too much, I experienced this environment as pretty rough and the guys as stereotypes. Nevertheless, my friends and I always managed to stay close in our unity, which made us strong and powerful.”

Nille Nyc is a real fighter, and she started as an artist and producer in a her late 30s. She has released four electro-pop singles, all being well received. Her latest single got airplay at DR P3 (Denmark National Radio), in Mexico and the UK. ‘Dancefloor Memo’ is the next single prior to the release of Nille Nyc’s debut ep, PowerPainPillsPercussion.

“Dance Floor Memo” is released on Friday the 23rd of August.


- Nille Nyc holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering (Export & Management)

- She released her debut single in 2018

- Her single “Safe Island” got airplay at the Danish National Radio DR P3

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