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New Single: Les Flâneurs (feat. Hanna Turi) "Your Days"

"Your Days" follows the trip-pop of “Dark Souls”, released in December, that got attention and airplay worldwide.

“Your Days” was born out of the spontaneous collaboration with swedish singer Hanna Turi, whose emotional lyrics and top class songwriting, along with the well-received album “Tracks in the Water” (2015), have led to several performances at South by South West (SXSW) in Austin and gigs at legendary places in New York and worldwide.

Alex Marchetti, the man and producer behind Les Flâneurs' project, remembers his first meeting with Hanna, during her Italian tour: “I met Hanna during a house concert in the place where I produce music, a medieval farmstead hidden in the countryside. When she arrived with her band she seemed to be worried, like thinking: 'where the hell am I? My agent will have to know!' She didn't know I was doing concerts in that place since several years. The audience sat in silence, mesmerised, during the whole performance, totally taken by the music and Hanna's impressive voice. At the end of the night she told me it was the best show of her tour, because of the respectful and loving attention she got.

Then she gave me the most wonderful present: she turned the simple melody I was composing into “Your Days”, a dreamlike naive pop song."

Le Flâneur is a dynamic figure: he can sit in a bistro observing the world that flows in front of him, but he is also a tireless walker, covering great distances, travelling random routes. A condition that allows him to observe everything that happens around him, without haste. A kind of involuntary hero, who fights against the approval of costumes and reaffirms his personality.


The project: Les Flâneurs is an idea of producer Alessandro Marchetti, who's also a member of the indie band Il Disordine delle Cose. They released 3 albums (Quite Please, Warner Chapell). The full-lenght "La Giostra" was recorded in Iceland with the sound engineer of Sigur Ros and "In the Right Place" in Scotland in the studio of Mogwai and Belle and Sebastian.

Over those years Alessandro recorded some songs with a different soul, now collected under the name Les Flâneurs, involving collaborations with several artists he met in these years.  The sound ranges between indie, electronic and folk, with a significant use of synths, drum machines and orchestral sections.  He liked the idea of working with different singers, especially girls.

It's a sort of collective project, with Alessandro working as "director" as well as producer, in which everyone has brought their talents helping to improve the songs. The songs feature artists from different countries: from Italian Carlot-ta, to Swedish Hanna Turi, to Brazilian Priscila Ribas. There is also a featuring (clearly unauthorized) by Edith Piaf. 

Les Flâneurs is also a work in progress, with several singles going to be released in the following months, each coming with a video, allowing the full album to be revealed along a road that will hopefully open to more collaborations.

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