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New single: Lunaires - "Healing Hurricanes"

“Man is an amphibian living in two worlds at same time: the one he finds and shapes - the material world, the world of life and conscience - and the world of symbols." (A. Huxley).

"Healing Hurricanes", previously unreleased single for Lunaires, is out today on cult brasilian label Wave Records . Lunaires are the new project for Danilo Carnevale and Patrizia Tranchina, known as members of the legendary new wave band Jeunesse d'Ivoire, active since the the early 80's. 

Shoegaze, New Wave and Dream Pop melt together to fly higher and higher, through time and space, towards unknown destinations. 

The video was directed by Andrea Frigerio. The VHS image at the beginning clearly wants to point to a certain age, slowly broadening the horizon to a dreamlike, oneiric waterscape. The images perfectly match Lunaires' aim to plunge into uncoscious realms, through Patrizia echoing vocals, the sound textures created by Danilo Carnevale and the careful mix by Paolo Gozzetti.

Lunaires is the new project by Danilo Carnevale and Patrizia Tranchina, ex-members of Jeunesse d’Ivoire, an underground legendary Italian wave band active in the early and mid-Eighties.

It’s a project stretched in time, from the post-punk of the early eighties to the post-everything of today.

The historic group Jeunesse d’Ivoire were featured in Body Section in 1983, an historical compilation of the seminal magazine Rockerilla – along with Litfiba, Kirlian Camera and Diaframma, among others.

They also took part in various other compilations: “Milano New Wave 1980-83” (Spittle Records, IT); “Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics vol.1” – 2010 (Angular Records – UK); “New Wave Italiana 1980 – 1986” – 2012 (Spittle Records); “Danza Meccanica vol. 2” – 2012 (Mannequin); “Italia Synthetica 1981-1985” 2013 (Spittle Records).

The band toured extensively throughout Italy, including Milan, Turin, Florence, Rome, Bologna, Modena, Pisa, Brescia, Naples etc., supporting acts such as Kirlian Camera and the German band No More, and growing a strong reputation for their powerful and dynamic live sets.

Lunaires is the landing point of a long musical journey which embodies and testifies two very distant and still related musical eras, that of the crudest and most innocent post-punk of thirty years ago and today electronica, bordering on psychedelia, shoegaze and krautrock.

The album “If All the Ice Melted” has been released in April 2019 by Wave Records (Brazil), that’s also going to release the brand new single “Healing Hurricane” early 2020.

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