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New single release by Subshine - Easy

New single release by Subshine

Easy is a refreshing up-beat popsong, with a tiny touch of War On Drugs and White Lies, soaring in a 80's synth-landscape. Subshine is Ole Gunnar Gundersen’s new bandproject. He's the former singer and songwriter in Lorraine (a major Sony BMG UK signing) He's one of the best songwriters we've got in Scandinavia at the moment. Please enjoy and appreciate his talent. Subshine's full lenght album Easy Window is set for release on April 26th.

Subshine’s former band Lorraine was winner of the BT Music awards (Channel 4) They did in total over 500 gigs, and also toured with Pet Shop Boys. Full length album release (Easy Window) April 26th. Norway tour spring 2019 (15 gigs) UK tour winter 2019 (5 gigs)

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