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The Riven releases their new single Far Beyond from their upcoming self titled debut album set for release 1st of March on The Sign Records. The new single Far Beyond offers more depth in the songwriting, it offers a song where the vocals is in focus and where the attention gets split between and the psychedelic guitars and takes you into a dreamy fantasy and Charlottas magnificent voice. The single is released with a lyric video built from details of the Maarten Donders created album artwork.

"These songs feel worked through and honed for maximum effect, and while the Swedish and wider European heavy underground has seen a surge of similarly-minded blues-influenced ’70s-rock aficionados,

The Riven‘s collective ability to drop the rush of “Fortune Teller” right into the moody sway of “I Remember” and still carry the listener with them speaks to their confidence as songwriters as well as the justification for that confidence in the output itself. Are they done growing? Probably not, but The Riven makes an encouraging place to start from not the least because it demonstrates how clear the band are in their purpose. They’re schooled in what they want to do and how they want to do it. What they’ll do next is a question, of course, for some later time.

There’s plenty of rock and roll here to last until then." - The Obelisk

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