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New studio album from KEROSENE

This fourth studio album by Manchester's alt-rock KEROSENE took a real change of direction as the global pandemic of COVID-19 hit earlier this year.

As the world changed around us and social introspection became imperative the band re-evaluated both the planned tracklist for 'Designed By Robots : Destroyed By Man' and the soundscapes in progress on their soundtrack of conceptual indie-arthouse film 'Extremeties' - leading to the inclusion of instrumentals and shared vocal duties. Living in a changing society; we can reflect on recent histories - other pandemics, 'great' depressions, brutal warfare and mass genocides - and here we are, facing our own crisis where we have the opportunity to change our society so that it isn't the few; the elite; the privileged, that shape our lives. And so this album takes on darker themes, questioning the empires that led the exploitation of the meek, spitting vitriol at our abhorrent leaders, searching for solace as millions face the uncertainties of poverty, sickness, mental welfare and starvation. Yet, there must be hope; for future sunrises; greater promises; for revitalisation as yet un-breathed. Surely there is hope?



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