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An artist to his core, Tahj Ace released his debut project, “Cool High 1.0. EP” in June 2018, and in the months since he has rapidly accrued a following. He is generating consistent buzz regarding his music career, his eyes set on innovation and his heart on creativity. To date, such world-known publications such as Niji Magazine, JBL Professional, VICE, and Hype Off Life Magazine have featured him within their pages. He is an artist who seems poised to break through in a big way. Spending hours upon hours in the studio, he pours all his energy into his music, thinking up fresh ways to explore the genres of hip-hop and rap.

Tahj draws inspiration from a variety of sources, paying homage to modern hip-hop and classic rap in his songs. He has made a science out of producing memorable melodies and striking tones, his range on display in all his work. Some of his greatest influences are Biggie Smalls, Wu-Tang Clan, and Kriss Kross. In addition to producing music, he also has acting experience. He prefers not to limit himself, viewing his artistic journey as one bound to take many paths along the way.

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