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New video: Paliki - Over the hill

This project owes its existence to the peninsula, named Paliki, on the Greek island of Kefalonia.

During a vacation, Naples-based multi-instrumentalist Mariano Felisio (previously Lads Who Lunch) is so struck by the unique clash of wilderness, beauty and abandonment that the island has to offer, that he starts to record nature sounds around him: cicadas and sea waves, but also, thanks to an old Grundig radio from the '70s, radio stations from all over the world, noises and voices.

All of this ends up in Paliki's debut album, with Mariano playing, recording and producing every sound on his own.

Armed with his trusted Telecaster guitar, a Fender Mustang bass, a Yamaha RX5 drum machine and percussions, he has put together a multifaceted set of songs

that take cues from the likes of TV On The Radio, Prince, Suicide, The Cure, Animal Collective and Gang of four, while putting his unique twist on things.

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The album title, playing with the word “radio”, has several layers of meaning. Firstly, a reference to Mariano's childhood: he used to play with an old radio, travelling all

around the world with his imagination.

The trick on words “Radiornot” also asks a question: are you ready or not? People often linger too long before taking a decision.

Finally, “radio”, as a means through which music is delivered to listeners. Sometimes artists are so keen to produce something supposedly radio-friendly, to eventually

sell out. Paliki, on the other hand, doesn't compromise. This is his idea of independence.

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