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New video: Richard James Simpson 'Sugar Blue Inn'

Richard James Simpson is the brother of the late Rock Halsey from the infamous L.A. punk band Rock Bottom and The Spys (which included Ygarr Ygarrist of Zolar X); and son of actress Renate Huy. Former member of alternative band Teardrain, Simpson released his debut solo album 'Sweet Birds of Youth' in 2017, getting excellent feedback on international music press. 

"Sugar Blue Inn," the thirteenth track off of Richard James Simpson's album "Deep Dream," characterizes a world in which all the pain and horrors of the world are locked in an inn. The inn exhibits images from the 20th and 21st centuries: the days leading up to Marilyn Monroe's death, Oppenheimer's 'Now I am Death, the destroyer of worlds' speech, androids, the Apollo moon landing, Dolly the sheep, and 9-11. It insinuates that these horrors and deceitful events have become part of pop culture and the public obtusely embraces them as comfort. The inn is the embrace, and it bolsters that strange relationship with its sweet and somber name, Sugar Blue Inn.

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