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New Xqui Album - Out 18 January 2019

"Essential listening... On a par with any of Eno’s ambient work or Clint Mansells’ film work." - Louder Than War

"Great sounds. Very evocative. Brilliant delays on the knife edge of feedback." – Neil Arthur (Blancmange)

Since emerging onto the 'no underground' scene in April 2018, Xqui has quickly established himself as an innovative and highly productive force. With over fifty tracks released, including the unique album Dragon (which featured snippets of the styles to expect in future releases), Xqui returns with second album Capitulate due for release 18 January 2019.

In the true sense of the D.I.Y. artist, Xqui uses a mobile phone to capture field recordings which are then manipulated via apps and combined with found sound clips to assemble his staggering array of tracks. From ambient and drone to his more commercial releases (see the recent Aliens EP with electronic krautrock artist Transmission13), Xqui has attracted the attention of many of his contemporaries and worked with the likes of Alan Morse Davies and Sheer Zed on the Wyrmling EP together with American ambient/industrial electronic music composer Elizabeth Joan Kelly (Starchild EP).

Capitulate also contains collaborations with Welsh miserablists Radio Europa and experimental acoustic slide guitarist Geiger von Muller.

"Xqui has sought out something else on these recordings; a place into which the listener is invited, somewhere other than here. Pausing any of these tracks to attend to other things was like breaking a spell." - Fortitude Magazine

"This is Lovecraftian horror for urban landscapes" – Bulletproof Socks

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