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Nicumo released the last single Same Blood from the upcoming Inertia album!

Promo pic by Antti Pahkamäki

Finnish melancholic metal act Nicumo are about to release their third full length album. The album is titled “INERTIA” and will be out on March 27th 2020 through Inverse Records.

The band just released the last single off of the album and it is called Same Blood.

The composer of Same Blood and guitarist Tapio Anttiroiko comments: "Same Blood was composed for "Inertia" meanwhile studio recordings were already on. It's only song what was built for album while recording process. Clear vision of Same Blood's mood and structure guided whole process naturally through. Saxophone arrangements (played by Mikko-Ilari Ojala) were the final golden touch to open up song's real character."

The album contains nine tracks filled with beautiful melodies and nice powerful heavy tones colored by northern melancholy. Versatile soundscapes mesmerize the listener and takes a hold until the last note.

“Inertia” was recorded and mixed at Joshua Music -studios during 2019 by Olli Tainio, who has worked in post metal/rock scene with bands like Callisto and Blind Architect. Mastered by Svante Forsbäck (e.g. Amorphis, Volbeat, Apocalyptica, Rammstein)

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