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Nightwatchers - Fellah's Temptation

Today we announce the signing of Nightwatchers to Lövely Records. The french band will release their debut album "La Paix ou le Sable" the 12th of April. Nightwatchers have during the last couple of years toured Europe repeatedly and released two EPs. The upcoming album "La Paix ou le Sable" deals with the decolonization wars of the French Colonial Empire, highlighting a side of French History that sometimes remains unknown, poorly known, or even denied.

Nightwatchers comments:

We're very pleased to present you Fellah's Temptation, first "post-punk-ish" single of our first album. "La Paix ou le Sable" focuses on the decolonization wars of the French Colonial Empire. Appeal to the population, Algeria, 1954. "A terrible misfortune will descend upon the rebels' heads, after which the French peace will reign again."

The album contains 14 tracks of highly energetic and melodically punk rock filled with influences from proto-punk, post-punk and dark-wave. The first single Fellah's Temptation is out now on all digital platforms and album pre-order is available through Freight Train.

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