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No fans. No money. Still landed a deal with Grammy winning producer. Just needed to hear one song

Disco Kane: English-speaking trio formed in Mexico City. The pandemic was declared on the first days of March here in Mexico. The three of us were locked in our houses and after a while lost our jobs. We created 19 songs on isolation. Showed one of them to our friend Pepe Navarro Lemaire (who just won a latin Grammy for his production work with Mon Laferte a month ago) and he said he would love to help us with the recording and production. “Hollywood” is one of his favorite tracks of the bunch and the first single of our upcoming album “Made of Dreams.” The track was officially released on January 4 th , 2021. The album will drop on March 6th .

The song is about making it big in the movies and then having to pay the price for it. Produced by Pepe Navarro Lemaire & Disco Kane. The song was written just as an imagination exercise about what happens when you are a “looser” for the first twenty something years of your life, and then suddenly you are on the fast lane to the top. Raoul, the singer of the band made the song. He is a failed actor that is convinced making it big would have ruined his life. Maybe it is true, maybe he just wants to protect his feelings, who knows. Either way the song has a frantic feel to it, like a mix of arrogance and the fear of losing the dubious newfound success. Recorded at Omar’s (the guitar player) bedroom using state of the art equipment, borrowed of course. By the way this is not the song that landed us the deal with Pepe Navarro Lemaire. Hope you don’t take it as some kind of clickbait.