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No Fun Haus - I Wanna Love You - single

Photo credit: Ben Tiesworth

Indigenous to the great lakes state, No Fun Haus is the musical alias of multi-instrumentalist and producer Sam Tiesworth. It was a project born out of curiosity, with lyrics that can at times explore philosophical topics, yet at others be simple and straightforward. Sam’s compositions are often a fusion of nostalgic instrumentation with a contemporary, psychedelic style of production - a blend of inspiration, spanning from his 60s heroes (The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix) to more modern day acts (Tame Impala, Gus Dapperton, Rex Orange County) and it creates a musical catalogue that contains a little bit of everything, for everyone. It is this sonic and aesthetic diversity that makes No Fun Haus worth listening to; the music refuses to stay bound to one genre, one mood, or one period in time. No Fun Haus was a place constructed to explore and create, and if you stay awhile, you might just discover something about yourself, too.

Talking about the track, which is released on his own Lazy Susan Records, Sam says, “I Wanna Love You! That's pretty much it. I love the people around me. Who do you love? I think you should tell them. For me, this song captures an instant, just a raw feeling. It's not a story. It's not a metaphor.”



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