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Noel Johnson (NDJ) Makes An Extraordinary Comeback To The Place He Belongs In 2020!

After a year spent diving deep into his past catalog, Noel discovered a single-worthy gem that never saw the light of day. In realizing that the lyrics & vibe of “So Out Of Style” was more relevant now than ever before, he gathered a crew of friends & ace-musicians to assist him in making a powerful song and true statement in 2020 – not only is NDJ back in action, he’s sounding more inspired and better than ever.

Offering up a highly enticing slice of his own personal story in an autobiographical tale, and infusing the details with an even bigger look at society as a whole, “So Out Of Style” is a bold & sweet reminder to appreciate what’s really important in the life we share between us. A song that cleverly examines what we choose to see & where we find meaning, Johnson gently grooves smoothly on the central theme that love is what bonds us all together and invites the entire world to join in with him in celebrating that fact.

With his revitalized sound and extraordinary songwriting, Noel’s 2020 debut officially takes place with the release of “So Out Of Style,” available online everywhere as of July 27th. Ready to make the most of this moment and lead the way to a better tomorrow through his comforting & compelling lyricism, with his steady melody accompanying the wisdom in his words – “So Out Of Style” is designed to provide the blueprint for a better path forward by revealing a fresh perspective on the joy & pain of the pitfalls of life, in all its glory. Stoked to share his latest single with each & every one of YOU listening & watching –both the song & video drop online July 27th this year; from the speakers to the screens, Noel Johnson (NDJ)’s “So Out Of Style” is set to move the mind, body, and soul with music people can’t get enough of.



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