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Nosoyo wish you: Happy International Women’s Day everyone!

Happy International Women’s Day everyone!  Feeling inspired!  Glitter To My Sisters' - the EP (release date: 12/13/2019) of the Berlin-based duo NOSOYO (winner 'listen to berlin: Award' 2019 & VUT Indie Award 2017) is about the never-ending story of the struggle for gender equality. Insistent lines of text that sound like rapprochement and a step towards reconciliation.  For International Women's Day, the duo asked committed individuals and groups to empower women* and femininity in the music industry and asked each*n to add their own personal addition to the sentence: "Empowering women in the music industry means to me: ... but have a look yourself!  

In the video: … Anne Haffmans (Domino Records), Bojana Nikolic (Ag Prop), Charlotte Giers (artist), Christoph Schrag (Fritz Unsigned), Chrystal Chris (artist), Daniel Rivera (Ponte Pilas),  Dirk Feistel (studioxberlin/ Fritz), Florentina Fien (Hedera Podcast), Floss (artist), Gloria Blau (artist), Hannah Dahl & Sara Wiechmann (MusiCoWomen/ Founder CoWomen), Ima Johnen (Riverside Studio Manager), Jana Rahmlow (BMC), Jovanka v. Wilsdorf (Artistprofiler x Songwriter bei BMG ), Juan Velez (Pianola Records), Julia (Reservix), Kaitlyn Davies (event producer & digital content specialist), Klara-Zoi Alfieri (W-Festival), Lea Karwoth (Keychange/Reeperbahnfestival), Leona (singer & producer), Liliana Velasquez Montoya (comedian), Lisa (artist manager), MALONDA (artist), Marion (Blauhauch Theatre Company), Mauricio (Live Music Producer), Melina (event manager), Moss Beynon Juckes (artist), Nick March (artist), Olaf „Gemse“ Kretschmar (BMC) x Fränzi vom Wildenweiß, Sandra (tourmanager), Steffi Müller (artist), Tim Joppien (BMC), Vivie Ann (artist)

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