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Nosoyo with "Faceless" Live-Video

NOSOYO with new single "Faceless

After catchy songs "Highness" and "Gliter", the two Berliners of Nosoyo are now releasing a new song you wont get out of your ear!

No the video is out aswell

What it's about and what the song of the band means, more about that here:

What was the idea? It was supposed to be about the state of true bliss - like the moment when you are almost asleep or just waking up, feeling strangely detached and also a bit unreal. Lost in space and very present at the same time, for example when you are in REM sleep or in sleep paralysis. I think we caught that vibe quite well. What is it about? It is about being trapped in a stage of anxiety and not being able to get out of it, but also finding some kind of comfort in it. Until finally at the end you break out of it again.

What is the message? That it is important to confront your demons, there is value in daring to go into our deepest darkest states of mind. To not be afraid of staying with a negative emotion and really getting to know it - it usually wants to bring you somewhere.

dedicated to whom? For the people who are not afraid of their own darkness, and understand that sometimess we have to pass directly through it to get further in life.  What does the song mean to you personally? It is also one of the most liberating anthems to me, and I love singing the final part. It just gives me the chills and makes me feel alive and strong.

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