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Not Alone

On Mirjam Catal’s new single “Not Alone” the young alternative RnB singer encourages to feel more self-confidence. On her third single she performs a fine mix of pop and alternative-RnB with a heavy beat. It`s online since June 26th on the Indie-label Between Music.

After releasing her first, more mellow, two singles in the past few months Mirjam Catal impressed the Austrian live music scene as well as a number of spotify playlist curators. On “Not Alone” the young singer and pianist went for a heavier beat and a more uplifting message: “There’s still some melancholy in this song but at the same time I hope it gives also some hope and strength in troubled times. Especially now, when social distancing is a thing, loneliness hits hard and it’s important to find joy.”, explains Mirjam.

As always Mirjam wrote “Not Alone” together with her older brother and lyricist YKO. Lot of emotions, tender melodies and modern beats are the ingredients the siblings put into every song they write. There’s no doubt that they both gain a lot of positivity from their songwriting and that’s definitely something one can hear on “Not Alone”.

With more than 30 gigs a year, numerous awards at music contests and a great performance on diverse Spotify playlists Mirjam Catal is aiming for a broader audience. So, Mirjam recommends meeting friends, so you’re “Not Alone”, dance and forget the world!