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Novanta - 'Some are stars'

Highlighted by the contribution of Stella Diana's Dario Torre (vocals in "Outside noise") and Marco Barzetti, aka True Sleeper (vocals in "To realize"), "Some are stars" is a four-song EP whose making took no less than three years. During this time Manfredi Lamartina, leader of the project, has radically changed his composition approach.

Novanta is no longer a solo project, but a duo that also includes drummer Agostino Financo Burgio (Nicolò Carnesi, Hank, Moque). The sound is no longer lo-fi: cleaner, with more impact, also thanks to the work of Lucantonio Fusaro, Claudio Piperissa and Luca Ferrari, who recorded and mixed the album at Faro Recording Studio (Varese, IT).

What kind of music is "Some are stars"? Manfredi Lamartina, founder and leader of Novanta, likes to call it “ceiling-gazing”: a mix of dream pop, post-rock and synth-wave to listen to at very low or very high volumes. No middle ground.

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