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Nylon Otters are a comfortably chapped band that'd go great with your shoes. They’ve gained quick recognition in the Buffalo music scene by playing basements, kitchens and bars thought by the public to be “the most impactful and intimate performances” (The Public is a local music blog, and "intimate" meant they were only playing to their drummer’s mom).

Their latest release “Goldilocks” expands on the unique sound they’ve created, and there’s plenty more from Nylon Otters on the horizon.

With this release Nylon Otters have “mastered a slacker grunge feel, meshing two of the buzziest sounds of the past couple years.” -Buffablog

“[Nylon Otters] aren’t anything about the conventional… The shimmer and gray-glitz of ‘Goldilocks’ brought us here. And we’re staying.” - comeherefloyd

“Nylon Otters’ EP ‘Goldilocks’ blends together garage-rock vocals with groovy guitar riffs to create a fresh and inviting sound.” - Floated Magazine

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