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Obsqure and Suz Release "Crossroads"

Crossroads is the deeply inspiring new album born by the collaboration between occident and orient.

Trip Hop that picks up where Portishead left us in the 90s.

Obsqure takes us into the wideness of the Tunisian landscape with wistful Amazigh melodies and Andalusian scales. His instrumentation picks up virtuously from the masters of the shores of the Mediterrenean Sea to the shores of the legendary Tigris.

Suz’s bell clear voice carries us like a sun ray through the music scenery and touches us with the simplicity and depth of her wise lyrics.

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The two artists take us on an atmospheric trip. In Open Flame we are introduced to the floating yet driving advice of keeping the purity of your heart alive by feeding your inner soul fire. Brave New World is an unexpected forceful goodbye to past selves and lighthearted days. A meandering but drifty piece about transitions. Land of the Free brings us skin-close to the urging prayers of refuge seekers and the weariness of the process. The Passage to Tunisia is a captivating journey that speaks of the far reaching majestic views, the wind that blows thru your hair and the arduousness of travel, dangerous pathways and the driving hope to reach your destination. Breathtaking dense moments are redeemed by terrain of replenishing character. 

This video has just been added to Graffiti Vibe TV3

Dealing with unpleasant and dark late-night tempters taking advantage of the naivety of youth is told to us in 27. The beauty of Wisteria falls soothe the rugged listener's heart in Wisteria Vine - An enchanting and endearing offer of gentle atonement for past conflicts and misunderstandings. The Repair , inspired by IChing's hexagram number 18, arises hope and poise that springs like a flowing well in the midst of a mournfully yearning panorama. This thoughtful sirenic meditation enfolds new possibilities and relieve. Chaos Oasis feels like taking a flight over ancient centers pervaded by the modern world. An energetic and ever evolving trip that slows down just to speed back up and rise in heights.

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