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Ohio alt-rockers Mud Whale share new single “Scapegoat”

Cleveland-based outfit Mud Whale are proudly sharing their new single “Scapegoat,” the latest from the band’s debut album Everything in Moderation.

“Scapegoat” follows Mud Whale’s first single “Nutrient Burn,” released earlier this year.

Erupting in a fast-paced flash of big, driving guitars, pounding rhythms and ferocious vocals, “Scapegoat” is a perfect demonstration of Mud Whale’s fiercely dynamic sound. Written as a response to the woefully played-out clickbait news articles blaming millennials for the supposed downfall of American life, “Scapegoat” is a high-powered rock song that demands an end to unnecessary intergenerational hostility.

“The housing market, diamonds, light yogurt, Buffalo Wild Wings… You name it, I’m sure there’s an article saying millennials are killing it,” says vocalist and guitarist Michael Morris.

“That negative mindset between generations where we blindly blame or judge each other without looking into what’s actually happening can be pretty toxic to me. I feel like it holds us back from progress we could be making together."

“Scapegoat” will be available for digital streaming on June 10. Everything in Moderation will be released Aug. 3, 2021.

Mud Whale are a highly dynamic alt-rock band formed in 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Shortly after arriving in his new home, vocalist and guitarist Michael Morris went searching for like-minded musicians and found a tight-knit group with drummer Shawn King and bassist Joe Hanson. With each of the members hailing from different parts of the U.S., the band’s existence is a “beautiful, random coincidence” that finds them united by a shared vision of making music that’s as tenderly melancholic as it is urgently chaotic.

Mud Whale’s music combines many of the most striking qualities of the heavyweights that inspired them: You can hear the grungy melodicism of Basement and Citizen, the post-hardcore intensity of Touché Amoré, the nimble guitar work of Circa Survive, the skyscraping alt-rock of Balance and Composure and even the drawling indie-rock of Modest Mouse.

Bringing these influences together, Mud Whale have burst forth with a powerful sound that’s easily accessible yet wholly their own, propelled by an intent focus on strong songwriting and razor-sharp musicianship.

Emerging from Cleveland’s emo/punk scene, Mud Whale had begun building a following in their home state — including a first gig opening for Philly indie-rockers Queen of Jeans — before the widespread setbacks of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now with an impressive debut album and more than a year’s worth of pent-up energy, Mud Whale are ready to make an explosive re-entry into a broader rock ‘n’ roll community. “It’s that feeling you get when you’re playing music, that connection you form in that moment: syncing up with the groove, harmonizing frequencies vibrating through you,” says Morris. “It’s spiritual, like plugging into the universe. It’s the one time I can let go and feel like it’s where I’m supposed to be.”