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OLIVER SPALDING announces beautiful album 'Novemberism' via THE FADER with iridescent title track

Oliver Spalding and Monotreme records are thrilled to announce the debut album for the 23-year old UK artist. Novemberism is out on November 15th and was written and recorded with producer Ed Tullett (Novo Armor). Built around Spalding’s staggeringly beautiful voice, the record is full of melodic, immediate songwriting and arresting electronic production. Today, the title track “Novemberism” is available to stream on all DSPs. “Built around refracting, shattered-glass synths and Spalding’s beautiful falsetto,” writes The FADER, “‘Novemberism’ ends with a peak euphoric enough to end any bout of Novemberism.”

Oliver Spalding’s musical roots are firmly based in the realm of folk, kindred to its probity and emotional weight. His solo voyage has this at its heart, dressed in delicate electronics, waves of epic grandeur and dauntless honesty, lyrically and sonically, throughout. At age 13, he took up drums and started to write his own songs. In January of 2015 he would meet UK producer Ed Tullett, and in December of the same year the pair began work on his first release, the Unfurl EP.

On Novemberism they continue to explore their creative chemistry. Asked about his choice of title, Spalding explains, “To be melancholy all year round is to suffer from Novemberism.” And indeed, these 11 tracks are woven together with a common thread of heavyheartedness. Even the more upbeat songs, like title track “Novemberism” and “Bow Creek”, which drive and glisten with intoxicating pop hooks and 80s era synths, recall the darker undercurrents of classic New Order. “I’m a huge Roxy Music fan”, adds Spalding, “I love Brian Ferry’s work and take inspiration from the Prophet synth sounds on the 80s Bruce Springsteen records.”

“The album focuses on a certain period of time in my life and the things that happened around me,” says Spalding. “My honesty in songwriting is key. The aim of this album was to be raw and emotional. Emotions are scary and no one wants to face them, and that’s what I wanted the album to feel like - something that is uncomfortable but also beautifully revealing.”

Novemberism will be released in digital and CD formats as well as a 180 g white vinyl LP with a free CD enclosed

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