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Olivia Anna Livki (aka LiVKI) is a DIY-force of nature. A singer, bassist, songwriter and producer who creates her own artwork, costumes and music videos - a postpunk-diva working her bass guitar like a weapon. Influenced by art pop giants like Talking Heads and Kate Bush, Livki shares their no limits attitude towards musical fusion; indie pop, electronic hip-hop, kuduro, orchestral pop and raw blues with the unity of voice and bass at the core.

The video to latest single ‘Spectacular’ is an extreme, pink hallucination with a short span of attention, both funny and gruesome. Olivia Anna Livki takes the roles of sculptures in a gallery of oversized, badly photoshopped body parts, smartphone queens and extreme language.

“We’re all stars in an Insta-reality-show, dangerously powerful, yet trapped in a vicious cycle of extremism and degraded to pictures and products.” – Olivia Anna Livki

Her hands-on DIY-approach started out of necessity, yet she turned it into a philosophy of empowerment. Livki literally creates and owns herself, her narrative, music and image with no strings attached. Growing up in the countryside of South Germany with few opportunities she taught her self-reliance and how not to give up. She began making films at age 10 and writing songs at 16, releasing two albums in 2011 and 2015. Now based in Berlin, she’s earned her a passionate fanbase and caused a buzz on social media with videos such as Hologram, Abby Abby and Blood Ponies.

THE ALBUM: ‘Digital Dissidents’ – Out 16th April 2020

Digital Dissidents is about freedom, power and the revolutionary way the internet has impacted our relation to them, both in terrifying and empowering ways.

Livki tells the stories of female influencers with extreme bodies (Spectacular), of trolls who fuel political crises (#Collapse, Information War), of existential fears in the age of climate change, terrorism and neo-authoritarian, misogynistic fury (Wave in Rage, Solaris, Black) but mostly of the determination to ‘take the lead’ in the face of those fears (We Are Carthago, Resist). Some of her stories are pure satire, others are based on deeply personal experiences of struggle, abuse and hope, seen in the bigger picture (Reconciliation). In DIY Cinderella, Livki cheekily refers to her own journey as a female artist, ironically reflecting on gender-roles and power.

Digital Dissidents consists of radical contrasts: Livki mixes up pop-anthems, dance-punk and dark voice’n’bass. Her lyrics go from black humour and ironic postmodernism, paying homage to Ghost in The Shell, John Oliver or Jaron Lanier, to fragile, melancholic and dystopian.

Digital Dissidents is Olivia Anna Livki’s first release in the UK/US.

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